понедельник, мая 12, 2008

To all my Russian speaking friends

Hey guys – this blog is in English because not only you reading it. But comments – it’s on your own – do it in any language you want – other way I think A_J will be the only person responding to my posts)))

P.S.: Миха молодец – хотя это и не паркур;)

9ice Rulez

That’s what I was looking for in Africa. Hope I’ll bring home lots of stuff like this.
And now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9ice Konjo Aso (Gongo Aso)

Click to download 9ice Konjo Aso (Gongo Aso)

Getto Gospel (© 2pac))

I like gospel music – just check it.

Click to download gospel
You know – everything goes right when you are working in such atmosphere. That’s how it was on my last night work:
… performing some checks, preparing data … “when two become as one …” – common man gimme transmission and make it louder, I’m ready …

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr WAHALA

Things here happen so fast that I can’t post everything in time – so …
Ah fuck – just see new updates as they come …
P.S.: no wahala actually))