воскресенье, мая 18, 2008

New post

Tired of writing anything…

Just click Picasa links below:
MTN beach – afro zupa tusa)) – some day we should definitely do our next zupa tusa somewhere in such exotic place – how do you think A_J ?)
“” business trip in Nigerian capital Abuja – wish all my business trips were like this)

Fresh stuff

1) I updated my previous posts with music links – so you can download this tracks now.
2) Now I’ve got 3G HSDPA modem with unlimited data-USIM – so from the moment I’m online every time everywhere!!)
Skype: edmikhr
Google Talk: dmitry.khristenko@gmail.com
Now you can call me) (and even see me)
But sucks is that for youtube video upload it’s not enough – I’ll have to go in cyber café to post my exclusive Nigerian BOTY videos – which are coming soon…