понедельник, июня 09, 2008

Homemade vodka party!!!

Ha – I’m not alone here. To guys from Ericsson Ukraine are my neighbors (we all live in Park View). Funny story how did they find me – I distributed link to my blog to all my friends in /// Nigeria and MTN, then I thinks it’s been spreading to other people and occasionally Sergey’ve got it. And to my great surprise last week I’ve got a call from Nigerian number – but heard Russian speech at the other end!))
See how useful it can be to spread links in the internet)).
From home made vod...

But damn – seems this malaria pills really affects my liver (or maybe I just didn’t take strong alco for a long time) – but fact is that everyone was fucking drunk that night))).
P.S.: from this week I stopped taking Lariam – anyway I’ve never seen any mosquito here))

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