воскресенье, марта 30, 2008

Finally in Africa

Yeah - everything is fucking great. Pretty good apartments, neighbors that already became my friends, huge off-road car with a driver. I’ve already got an MTN badge and should receive my first salary on Monday for three days of doing nothing)) Next week-end hope to surf ‘case I’ve been advised that waves are right for surfing at the ocean.
Ok – just gimme time to make it all in order and post it properly with photos which are coming soon. That’s all for now. The only problem is that internet seems to be restricted in the office – but anyway it’s not a real problem.
One more thing – in two weeks I’ll get a kind of green card for Nigeria - so maybe I’ll come for one week vacations in summer).
My contact number for now is Sim-Travel: +37253376212
I’ll post here an MTN number as soon as I’ll get it – maybe it would be cheaper to use it.


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Konstantin Yakovlev комментирует...

Yo man!

It seems u're having great time out there in Africa ) Good job ) Tell more about the surfing! And post some pics, man.

Are there any other europeans? Any hot girls (i u know what i mean)?

Me and Art bought tickets to Bali the other day. One more season of waves and babes is waiting for us. Yeaah!

Everything else is pretty the same out here! Keep in touch!

PS: And remove the fucking CAPTHCA from comments posting in da blog!