вторник, апреля 08, 2008

Y'ello man

How was ur week-end?
My one was fucking amazing !!!
I was on an ocean – were we had a BBQ with Ericsson guys. In spite of rain season I’m getting sunburn – sun is smoothie and not so hot. The only thing that made me sad is that waves are not for surfing.
I’m working in such a place where others can only dream to go for vacations!!!
Ok – go to my newly created Picasa albums and enjoy MY stay in Nigeria) (and don’t be jealous guys)))

And this is ridiculous!!!
Can you even imaging - Africa, Nigeria, Lagos … and Chicken Kyev!!!You guys are ubiquitous)))

4 комментария:

Konstantin Yakovlev комментирует...

I'm not jealous, but u're fucking bastard man! Views are cool. Palm-trees, white sand and the ocean! Yeah!

PS: Remove CAPTCHAon comments u dick!

PPS: I guess nobody is reading your blog - crosspost annouces in sa community or do the spam thing if u know what i mean )

Анонимный комментирует...

Yo, bro! Got any interesting disease already? Anything that would require a consilium of doctors to heal back here in Russia?

hamster комментирует...

there is no such f...cking option dude)

Lefthander комментирует...

u're really bastard!!!!
while w`re killing ourselves in our f..king solt mines u`re chill out on ocean beach...
Fuck!!! I also wanna such job!!!