суббота, апреля 19, 2008

This post should come first

This is how I live here in Nigeria)
Diane - hope it will help you with your travel guide)
Here are ParkView aparts photos. And below a little video.

Check Picasa!!!

... the land of the happiest people on earth )))

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Konstantin Yakovlev комментирует...

Cool pics! Cool truck (it's a TRACK, baby, not CAR, understand)! Video - sucks! To slow and boring "ni asilil"!

Анонимный комментирует...

Wow! )
Don't listen to Kostya, i like your video) Hope you'll be black as a guy from previous clip )

hamster комментирует...

Sure I don't Art) also hope so - but we'll see - anyway I spend more time at the office(